Incorporated in 1997, Universal Consultants Pte Ltd (UNICONS) is a solutions-driven organisation that is strategically headquartered in Singapore to establish a regional presence. We provide professional solutions through our strategy to organically grow our business by penetrating into areas closely related to our current business.

Our Excellence


We only represent top brands with a clear focus of protecting the environment. Our emphasis on health, safety and environmental issues is reflected in our adherence to European best practices.

Unicons Enviro

We provide specialised cleaning services for public transport vehicles and commercial buildings.

Petrol Station
Management Services

We work closely with major oil and gas providers in areas including fuel stations, automotive workshops, car wash outlets and ancillary services.


We help build company brand recognition by boldly focusing on a national presence. Using our strong networks, we actively engage with end users through marketing activities such as exhibitions, social media undertakings, consumer talks and industry seminars.